Dearborn Playlist

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Teacher Level Song Artist
Ray Leeper Senior/Teen Audition Combo Speechless Mish Mash
Ray Leeper Junior Audition Combo Up All Night Arty (Ft. Angel Taylor)
Ray Leeper Teacher Not The Way I Do Fantasia
Mark Meismer Mini Hand Jive Glee Soundtrack
Mark Meismer Senior Drowning Shadows Sam Smith
Mark Meismer Junior Turning Page Sleeping At Last
Mark Meismer Teen Uneven Odds Sleeping At Last
Stacey Tookey Mini For the People Mark Hukaluk
Stacey Tookey Teacher Your Day Will Come Son Lux
Stacey Tookey Senior Don't Shy From The Light Neulore
Stacey Tookey Teen Bulletproof S. Carey
Stacey Tookey Junior Son Sleeping At Last
Denise Wall Senior Lost Stars Adam Levine
Denise Wall Senior Falling Anyway Bourbon & Bliss
Denise Wall Teen Can't Feel My Face The Weekend
Jason Parsons Junior Another Glacier Peter Broderick
Jason Parsons Mini Castle Lefti
Lindsay Leuschner Nubies Witch Doctor Alvin & The Chipmunks
Lindsay Leuschner Nubies Get Up Offa That Thing James Brown
Lindsay Leuschner Nubies You Can't Stop The Beat Hairspray (The Movie)