Albuquerque Playlist

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Teacher Level Song Artist
Ray Leeper Senior/Teen Audition Combo Speechless Mish Mash
Mark Meismer Senior Run Nicole Scherzinger
Mark Meismer Teen Drowning Shadows Sam Smith
Mark Meismer Junior Turning Page Sleeping At Last
Mark Meismer Mini Hand Jive Glee Soundtrack
Stacey Tookey Teacher Your Day Will Come Son Lux
Stacey Tookey Senior Don't Shy From The Light Neulore
Stacey Tookey Teen Bulletproof S. Carey
Stacey Tookey Junior Son Sleeping At Last
Stacey Tookey Mini For the People Mark Hukaluk
Chantel Aguirre Select... Ballet Class III The Aly Tejas
Chantel Aguirre Select... The Evolution of Movement Aly Tejas
Chantel Aguirre Select... Dona Nobis Max Richter