Buffalo Competition Schedule

Buffalo Info
Friday March 31st
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 8:00 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Cha, Cha, Cha Nubies Duo/Trio Jazz
2 8:03 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) It's All About Me (Claire Spencer) Nubies Solo Specialty
3 8:06 AM Centre Dance (AB) Think Nubies Duo/Trio Jazz
4 8:09 AM Stars Dance Studio (BK) I Will Become the Ground You Walk On (Nicholas Bustos) Mini Solo Contemporary
5 8:12 AM The Dance Zone (BQ) Light (Tristan Gerzon) Mini Solo Contemporary
6 8:15 AM Centre Dance (AB) Bring It All Back (Evie Stauss) Mini Solo Jazz
7 8:18 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Chasing Rainbows (Caileigh Coogan) Mini Solo Lyrical
8 8:21 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Swinging on a Star Nubies Duo/Trio Specialty
9 8:24 AM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Creep (Sophia Covelli) Mini Solo Contemporary
10 8:27 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Breakable (Mya Poland ) Mini Solo Contemporary
11 8:30 AM Centre Dance (AB) Castle (Stella Morris) Mini Solo Contemporary
12 8:33 AM The Dance Zone (BR) TBA (Casey Tran) Mini Solo Contemporary
13 8:36 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Cruella DeVille (Hannah Spencer) Mini Solo Jazz
14 8:39 AM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) The Song (Brooke Shadle) Mini Solo Lyrical
15 8:42 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) I Have a Dream (Andrea Saratsiotis) Mini Solo Lyrical
15.a 8:43 AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Over The Pond (Olivia Tramonte) Mini Solo Contemporary
16 8:45 AM Centre Dance (AB) Daughter (Raegan Dinant) Mini Solo Lyrical
17 8:48 AM Elite Dance Company (AE) Unstoppable (Kennedy Ratcliff) Mini Solo Specialty
18 8:51 AM Dance Training Center (AD) Until We Bleed (Gabriella Mercurio) Mini Solo Contemporary
19 8:54 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) I Dream of Jeannie (Isabella Barwicki) Mini Solo Specialty
20 8:57 AM Premiere Dance Inc (BH) Through the Eyes (Isabella Rechichi) Mini Solo Contemporary
21 9:00 AM Centre Dance (AB) Genie in a Bottle (Mackenzie Ritchie) Mini Solo Jazz
22 9:03 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Baby I'm a Star (Luanna Di Iacovo) Mini Solo Jazz
23 9:06 AM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Flatline (Elena Noga) Mini Solo Contemporary
24 9:09 AM The Dance Zone (BQ) An Imaginal Space (Kaitlyn Paula) Mini Solo Contemporary
25 9:12 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) I'm A Warrior (Tiara Price) Mini Solo Lyrical
26 9:15 AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Small Flowers (Hailey Vultao) Mini Solo Contemporary
27 9:18 AM The Dance Zone (BR) Best of both worlds (Kaitlyn Tran) Mini Solo Jazz
28 9:21 AM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) This Moment (Nya Ricks) Mini Solo Lyrical
29 9:24 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Golden (Alyssa Carpeneto ) Mini Solo Contemporary
30 9:27 AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) Respect (Abigail Schnaufer) Mini Solo Jazz
31 9:30 AM Centre Dance (AB) Queen B (Alyssa Montler) Mini Solo Hip-Hop
32 9:33 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Let's Get Loud (Hanna Herberger) Mini Solo Jazz
33 9:36 AM Centre Dance (AB) Good Girl Winnie Foster Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
34 9:39 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Me and My Shadow Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
35 9:42 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Black Cat Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
36 9:45 AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) Shake The Room Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
37 9:48 AM Centre Dance (AB) Pathetic Mini Duo/Trio Tap
39 9:54 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Box of Secrets Mini Duo/Trio Tap
40 9:57 AM Centre Dance (AB) Shake the Room Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
41 10:00 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Dream Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
42 10:03 AM Centre Dance (AB) Burnin' Up (Kayla Orner) Junior Solo Jazz
43 10:06 AM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Warrior (Skye Parsons) Junior Solo Contemporary
44 10:09 AM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Clap Your Hands (Gwen Orluk) Junior Solo Jazz
45 10:12 AM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) Forever Young (Alexys Friol) Junior Solo Lyrical
46 10:15 AM Centre Dance (AB) Can't Stop the Feeling (Zachary Ritchie) Junior Solo Hip-Hop
47 10:18 AM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Kill the Lights (Isabella Marciano) Junior Solo Jazz
48 10:21 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) About That Walk (Jackson Foley ) Junior Solo Jazz
49 10:24 AM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Landslide (Alayna DeCarbo) Junior Solo Lyrical
50 10:27 AM Centre Dance (AB) Chasing Light (Riley Kauffman) Junior Solo Contemporary
51 10:30 AM Dance Spectrum (AC) The Story (Aspen Kropidlowski) Junior Solo Specialty
52 10:33 AM Dance Training Center (AD) Woman's Work (Emma Cook) Junior Solo Lyrical
53 10:36 AM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) The Beauty Inside (Madison Moonan) Junior Solo Lyrical
54 10:39 AM Centre Dance (AB) Dollhouse (Amelia Rater) Junior Solo Jazz
55 10:42 AM Evolve Dance Complex (BA) Unheard (Paige Westbrook) Junior Solo Contemporary
55.a 10:43 AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) For You (Charlize Elliott) Junior Solo Contemporary
56 10:45 AM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Megan's Dance (Megan Ferm) Junior Solo Tap
57 10:48 AM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) That's My Girls (Madeline Patterson) Junior Solo Jazz
58 10:51 AM Centre Dance (AB) Flashlight (Cecilia Mazzocco) Junior Solo Tap
59 10:54 AM Evolve Dance Complex (AY) Stations (Eliza Farr) Junior Solo Contemporary
60 10:57 AM Absolute Dance (AR) Me Too (Elizabeth Graney) Junior Solo Jazz
61 11:00 AM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) Don't Rain on My Parade (Sydney Sala) Junior Solo Jazz
62 11:03 AM Centre Dance (AB) I See Fire (Bella Powers) Junior Solo Contemporary
63 11:06 AM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Vegabond (Samantha O'Connor) Junior Solo Contemporary
64 11:09 AM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Popular (Jazalynn Thompson) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
65 11:12 AM Performing Dance Arts (AL) U Got the Look (Gracie Serber ) Junior Solo Jazz
66 11:15 AM Centre Dance (AB) Let Myself Try (Graysi Pellegrine) Junior Solo Lyrical
67 11:18 AM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Beautiful Slave (Leah Jurek) Junior Solo Lyrical
68 11:21 AM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Sculpture in Motion (Maggie Roberts) Junior Solo Contemporary
69 11:24 AM Dance FX (AU) TBA (Ryan Sherk) Junior Solo Contemporary
70 11:27 AM Centre Dance (AB) Maybe, I Don't Know (Jaden Carothers) Junior Solo Contemporary
70.a 11:28 AM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) I'm Here to Stay (Jezzaeyah Slack) Junior Solo Contemporary
71 11:30 AM Elite Dance by Damian (AW) Shining (Torrey Hill) Junior Solo Contemporary
72 11:33 AM Janet Dunstan's Dance Academy (BD) Happiness Does Not Wait (Grace Wythe) Junior Solo Contemporary
73 11:36 AM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Time (Amanda Galle) Junior Solo Specialty
74 11:39 AM Centre Dance (AB) Memory (Lindsey Weaver) Junior Solo Contemporary
75 11:42 AM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) River (Tori Shaner) Junior Solo Contemporary
76 11:45 AM Dance Spectrum (AC) Tomorrow's Song (Isabella Klink) Junior Solo Lyrical
77 11:48 AM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) Unsteady (Nathan Smith) Junior Solo Contemporary
78 11:51 AM Centre Dance (AB) Nothing (Sabrina Velegol) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
79 11:54 AM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) Lucky 7 (Analee DeGlopper) Junior Solo Tap
80 11:57 AM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Through the Rabbit Hole (Olivia Croce) Junior Solo Specialty
81 12:00 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Say My Name (Mackenzie Barkley) Junior Solo Lyrical
82 12:03 PM Centre Dance (AB) Slow Your Breath (Anna Scourtis) Junior Solo Lyrical
83 12:06 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) In Between (Lexi Baehre) Junior Solo Contemporary
84 12:09 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Sound Of Silence (Julia Carpeneto ) Junior Solo Contemporary
85 12:12 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) Castle (London Mitchell) Junior Solo Contemporary
86 12:15 PM Centre Dance (AB) The Grey Lady (Shay Kaminski) Junior Solo Contemporary
87 12:18 PM Premiere Dance Inc (BH) Nature Boy (Alex Rechichi) Junior Solo Contemporary
88 12:21 PM Centre Dance (AB) Burn Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
90 12:27 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Lovely Night Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
91 12:30 PM Centre Dance (AB) Don't Worry About Me Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
92 12:33 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Porcelain Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
93 12:36 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Still Standing Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
94 12:39 PM Centre Dance (AB) Light a Fire Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
95 12:42 PM Dance FX (AU) Unsteady Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
96 12:45 PM Centre Dance (AB) Friends Til the End Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
96.a 12:46 PM Premiere Dance Inc (BH) 99 Red Balloons Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
97 12:48 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Cherry Wine Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
98 12:51 PM Centre Dance (AB) Maps Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #1-98!!
99 1:29 PM Centre Dance (AB) Gravity (Caroline Hughes) Teen Solo Contemporary
100 1:32 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Bridge Over Troubled Water (Libby Hallen) Teen Solo Lyrical
101 1:35 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Sun (Sofia Rigakos) Teen Solo Tap
102 1:38 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Anyone (Gia Granto) Teen Solo Contemporary
103 1:41 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Angels & Demons (Sophia Mercurio) Teen Solo Contemporary
104 1:44 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) I Will Be (Emily Ratcliff) Teen Solo Lyrical
105 1:47 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Gravity (Jessica Soklevski) Teen Solo Lyrical
106 1:50 PM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) Invincible (Kylie Humphreys) Teen Solo Lyrical
107 1:53 PM Centre Dance (AB) Here With Me (Bayla Furmanek) Teen Solo Contemporary
108 1:56 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Fludegar (Marissa Ferm) Teen Solo Contemporary
109 1:59 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) Ribs (Bobby Snekser) Teen Solo Contemporary
110 2:02 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Center (BN) Cut Me Loose (Alisa Guiffrida) Teen Solo Lyrical
111 2:05 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Before It Breaks (Deanna Romano) Teen Solo Contemporary
112 2:08 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Redemption (Lily Margulis) Teen Solo Contemporary
113 2:11 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) This Is Me (Salvatrice Arricale) Teen Solo Lyrical
114 2:14 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Recovery (Kelsey Grady) Teen Solo Contemporary
115 2:17 PM Centre Dance (AB) I Get To Love You (Elizabeth Golaszewski) Teen Solo Lyrical
116 2:20 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Make Me Feel (Rachel Steinwachs) Teen Solo Contemporary
117 2:23 PM ModDance Studio (BE) Make Me Cry (Katie Wieleba ) Teen Solo Tap
118 2:26 PM World of Dance (BS) TBA (Madisen Akers) Teen Solo Contemporary
119 2:29 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Old Chests (Sierra Resendes) Teen Solo Contemporary
120 2:32 PM Artistic Fusion Dance Academy (AS) The Loss (Erika Marshall) Teen Solo Contemporary
121 2:35 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Breathe (Nicole Carpeneto) Teen Solo Contemporary
122 2:38 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Black Lake (Sydney Brownschidle) Teen Solo Contemporary
123 2:41 PM Centre Dance (AB) Illuminate (Madilynn Scavone) Teen Solo Contemporary
124 2:44 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Play It Right (Grace Nusall) Teen Solo Contemporary
125 2:47 PM Evolve Dance Complex (AZ) The Fall (Olivia Dugos) Teen Solo Contemporary
126 2:50 PM Absolute Dance (AR) Desire To Let Go (Reilly Graney) Teen Solo Contemporary
127 2:53 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) Let It All Go (Kathryn Stanley) Teen Solo Lyrical
128 2:56 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Near Light (Caitlin Kuder) Teen Solo Contemporary
129 2:59 PM A2Y Dance Inc (AQ) Nature Boy (Ashley Doel) Teen Solo Contemporary
130 3:02 PM Barb Denny's Studio of Dance Arts (AA) Fever (Emily Bissett) Teen Solo Jazz
131 3:05 PM Centre Dance (AB) Peace of Mind (Brooke Givens) Teen Solo Contemporary
132 3:08 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Rise (Fallon Tuholski) Teen Solo Specialty
133 3:11 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Fame (Celina Ferraro ) Teen Solo Specialty
134 3:14 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Gone (Sophia Levin) Teen Solo Lyrical
135 3:17 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Gravity (Alyssa Embrey) Teen Solo Contemporary
136 3:20 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Center (BM) Completely (Halie Lago) Teen Solo Jazz
137 3:23 PM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) Warrior (Bella Stobert) Teen Solo Jazz
138 3:26 PM Dance FX (AU) She's a Lady (Marisa Sherk) Teen Solo Jazz
139 3:29 PM Centre Dance (AB) Secrets (Kasie Hertzberg) Teen Solo Lyrical
140 3:32 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Salvation (Eilidh Purkiss) Teen Solo Lyrical
141 3:35 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Centre (BO) Way Down We Go (Allison Forderkonz) Teen Solo Contemporary
142 3:38 PM Stars Dance Studio (BK) TBA (Emily Gonzalez) Teen Solo Contemporary
143 3:41 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Hide and Seek (Murphy Lee ) Teen Solo Contemporary
144 3:44 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Flowers (Isabella Baldino) Teen Solo Contemporary
145 3:47 PM Hackworth School of Performing Arts (BB) Hollow Embrace (Amy Benedetto) Teen Solo Contemporary
147 3:53 PM Centre Dance (AB) Shelter (Hope Neal) Teen Solo Contemporary
148 3:56 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Say You Love Me (Eve Albert) Teen Solo Lyrical
149 3:59 PM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) Total Eclipse of the Heart (Kory Randles) Teen Solo Lyrical
150 4:02 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) Stay (Sydney Graap) Teen Solo Contemporary
151 4:05 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Light (Autumn Graney) Teen Solo Lyrical
152 4:08 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Standing Still (Rebecca Pickering) Teen Solo Contemporary
153 4:11 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Once Upon Another Time (Elisa Valle ) Teen Solo Contemporary
154 4:14 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Landslide (MaryAnna Garrigan) Teen Solo Contemporary
155 4:17 PM Centre Dance (AB) The Elevator (Lexi Lonsdale) Teen Solo Contemporary
156 4:20 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Stay (Abby Bisson) Teen Solo Lyrical
157 4:23 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) Total Eclipse (Kristen Williams) Teen Solo Lyrical
158 4:26 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Center (BN) Jealous (Juliana Guiffrida) Teen Solo Contemporary
159 4:29 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Wild Horses (Kaleigh Andrzejewski) Teen Solo Jazz
160 4:32 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Welcome to the Jungle (Kali Booker) Teen Solo Lyrical
161 4:35 PM Idyllwild School for the Arts (BC) Close Your Eyes (Jonathan Smith) Teen Solo Contemporary
162 4:38 PM Stars Dance Studio (BJ) TBA (Quinn Starner) Teen Solo Contemporary
163 4:41 PM Centre Dance (AB) The Lonely (Lauren Velegol) Teen Solo Contemporary
164 4:44 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) The Chain (Molly Smith) Teen Solo Lyrical
165 4:47 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) People Help the People (Isabella Pereira ) Teen Solo Contemporary
166 4:50 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Out to Sea (Sofia Tramonte) Teen Solo Contemporary
167 4:53 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Scratch (Maddy Ryan) Teen Solo Lyrical
168 4:56 PM Eugenia's Dance Studio (AG) You Don't own Me (Alisia Humphreys) Teen Solo Jazz
169 4:59 PM ModDance Studio (BE) Royal Heart (Gillian Lawrence) Teen Solo Contemporary
170 5:02 PM Danceology (AV) Against Time (Alexis Weldner) Teen Solo Contemporary
171 5:05 PM Centre Dance (AB) Where They From (Kiyah Lugue) Teen Solo Hip-Hop
172 5:08 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) These Four Walls (Sarah Demer) Teen Solo Lyrical
173 5:11 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) The Sound (Mikayla Durkin) Teen Solo Jazz
174 5:14 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Centre (BP) Nicest Thing (Sadie Davis) Teen Solo Contemporary
175 5:17 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Acceptance (Madison Foley) Teen Solo Jazz
176 5:20 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Something More (Thomas Gonzales) Teen Solo Contemporary
177 5:23 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Wiser (McKenna Kiesel) Teen Solo Lyrical
178 5:26 PM Piazza Dance Company (BF) You Ruin Me (Anjali Petrucci) Teen Solo Lyrical
179 5:29 PM Centre Dance (AB) Where the Light Gets In (Rachel Ahn) Teen Solo Contemporary
180 5:32 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Used To Be Mine (Sydney Binner) Teen Solo Lyrical
181 5:35 PM Tawn Marie Dance Center (BL) To Build a Home (Gabriella Gagnon) Teen Solo Lyrical
182 5:38 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Shelter (Torrie Smithhoover) Teen Solo Lyrical
183 5:41 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Weight In Gold (Jackson Lee) Teen Solo Contemporary
184 5:44 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Tribulation (Jayde Margulis) Teen Solo Lyrical
185 5:47 PM Centre Dance (AB) With Time Between Us (Julia Miller) Teen Solo Contemporary
186 5:50 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Wicked Games (Moira Antalek) Teen Solo Contemporary
187 5:53 PM Centre Dance (AB) Your Day Will Come (Jenna Brugler) Teen Solo Contemporary
188 5:56 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Youth (Madison Spizzirri) Teen Solo Contemporary
189 5:59 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Until It Happens to You (Alyssa Bischel) Teen Solo Lyrical
All Awards #99-189!!
190 6:37 PM Centre Dance (AB) Dance For You Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
191 6:40 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Ain't Got Far To Go Teen Duo/Trio Tap
192 6:43 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Count On Me Teen Duo/Trio Tap
193 6:46 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) I Do It For You Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
194 6:49 PM Centre Dance (AB) Easy Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
195 6:52 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Wild Horses Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
196 6:55 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Girls Just Want To Have Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
197 6:58 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Longing Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
198 7:01 PM Centre Dance (AB) Hit Me With a Hot Note Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
199 7:04 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Chasing Cars Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
200 7:07 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Teeth (Julia Hester) Senior Solo Contemporary
201 7:10 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Painter Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
202 7:13 PM Centre Dance (AB) The Final Piece Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
203 7:16 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) The Woods Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
204 7:19 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Back to Black (Samantha Bruno) Senior Solo Contemporary
205 7:22 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Mama Yo Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
206 7:25 PM Centre Dance (AB) This Too Shall Pass Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
207 7:28 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Reliance Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
208 7:31 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) I Found Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
209 7:34 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Carry Me (Maria Pacos) Senior Solo Lyrical
210 7:37 PM Centre Dance (AB) Get Ugly Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
211 7:40 PM Tawn Marie's Dance Center (BM) Torn Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
212 7:43 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Within Us Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
213 7:46 PM Piazza Dance Company (BG) Arbakkin (Lily Sheppard) Senior Solo Contemporary
214 7:49 PM Centre Dance (AB) You There Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
215 7:52 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Effected Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
216 7:55 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) These Roses (Jillian Serrano) Senior Solo Lyrical
217 7:58 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Creep (Kelsey Sullivan) Senior Solo Lyrical
218 8:01 PM Centre Dance (AB) All That Jazz (Nicole Pandolfi) Senior Solo Jazz
219 8:04 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Lullaby Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
220 8:07 PM Center Stage Dance Studio (AT) TIME (Nicole Bidlack) Senior Solo Contemporary
220.a 8:08 PM Evolve Dance Complex TBA (Maria Rosenberg) Senior Solo Contemporary
221 8:10 PM Absolute Dance (AR) Body Love (Bella Siddall) Senior Solo Contemporary
222 8:13 PM Centre Dance (AB) Almost Over (Emily Dale) Senior Solo Lyrical
223 8:16 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Foolish Game (Jenna Demer) Senior Solo Contemporary
224 8:19 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Le Jazz Hot Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
225 8:22 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) For You (Gabrielle Burkard) Senior Solo Contemporary
226 8:25 PM Centre Dance (AB) Breezeblocks (Anna Gorenflo) Senior Solo Contemporary
227 8:28 PM Piazza Dance Company (BF) Dare (Sonia Petrucci) Senior Solo Lyrical
228 8:31 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Good Thing (Elizabeth Butera) Senior Solo Jazz
229 8:34 PM Elite Dance by Damian (AX) TBA (Olivia Tarchick) Senior Solo Contemporary
230 8:37 PM Centre Dance (AB) It Doesn't Hurt (Cassandra Greenland) Senior Solo Contemporary
230.a 8:38 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Leaving Song (Sydney Fineberg) Senior Solo Lyrical
231 8:40 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Question of U Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
232 8:43 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Holding a Heart (Grace Albert) Senior Solo Lyrical
233 8:46 PM Centre Dance (AB) Radio Silence (Emma Bannach) Senior Solo Contemporary
234 8:49 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) My Faith (Rachel Walker) Senior Solo Contemporary
235 8:52 PM Centre Dance (AB) Sailing Away (Sara Funk) Senior Solo Contemporary
236 8:55 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Jealous (Kennedy Binner) Senior Solo Contemporary
237 8:58 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Hymn of Acxion Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
238 9:01 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Foreign Fields (Danielle Norton) Senior Solo Contemporary
239 9:04 PM Centre Dance (AB) Voices (Isabella Rater) Senior Solo Contemporary
240 9:07 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Control (Julia Nuccitelli) Senior Solo Contemporary
240.a 9:08 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Three Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
241 9:10 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Love Will Lead You Back (Julianna Szczesniak) Senior Solo Lyrical
242 9:13 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Wild is the Wind (Kassandra Sopko) Senior Solo Lyrical
243 9:16 PM Centre Dance (AB) Waiting (Casey Kauffman) Senior Solo Contemporary
244 9:19 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Riverman (Olivia Berton ) Senior Solo Contemporary
245 9:22 PM Elite Dance Company (AE) Facade (Jessie Miller) Senior Solo Contemporary
245.a 9:23 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) If You Forget Me (Anthony Tette) Senior Solo Contemporary
246 9:25 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Run (Gianna Militello) Senior Solo Lyrical
247 9:28 PM Centre Dance (AB) Dress Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
248 9:31 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Tba (Evelyn OHara) Senior Solo Contemporary
249 9:34 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) Lay Down (Kiara Stuart) Senior Solo Lyrical
250 9:37 PM Centre Dance (AB) Promise Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
250.a 9:38 PM Body Language Dance Company Disease (Makayla Ryan) Senior Solo Contemporary
251 9:40 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Smoke and Mirrors (Gabi Griffo) Senior Solo Contemporary
252 9:43 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Moment I Said It (Jessica-Taylor Ierullo) Senior Solo Contemporary
253 9:46 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) The Change (Lily Dreyer) Senior Solo Contemporary
254 9:49 PM Centre Dance (AB) Heart Hope Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
255 9:52 PM Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio (AJ) Iron Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
256 9:55 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Videotape (Dominic Askew) Senior Solo Contemporary
257 9:58 PM Centre Dance (AB) If Only Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
258 10:01 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) All I Want Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
259 10:04 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Jealous Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
260 10:07 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Save Me Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
261 10:10 PM Centre Dance (AB) Poison Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
262 10:13 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Yours (Kathryn Gandy) Senior Solo Lyrical
263 10:16 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) All We Do Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
All Awards #190-263!!
Saturday April 1st
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
264 2:30 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Childhood Memories Mini Line Ballet
265 2:33 PM Centre Dance (AB) Welcome to Miss Universe Mini Extended Line Jazz
266 2:36 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Live It Up Mini Group Hip-Hop
267 2:39 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) In Waves Mini Group Contemporary
268 2:42 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Dance with Somebody Mini Extended Line Tap
269 2:46 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Boy Does Nothing Nubies Group Tap
270 2:49 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) All We Do Junior Group Contemporary
271 2:52 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Ch-Ching Mini Group Contemporary
272 2:56 PM Centre Dance (AB) Try Everything Nubies Group Lyrical
273 2:59 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Makes The World Mini Group Jazz
274 3:02 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Ice Ice Baby Mini Line Tap
275 3:05 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) In Dreams Junior Line Contemporary
276 3:09 PM Centre Dance (AB) Bring Him Home Mini Line Lyrical
277 3:13 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Winter Waltz Nubies Group Ballet
278 3:17 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Pink Panther Mini Group Specialty
279 3:20 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Get Down Get Funky Get Loose Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
280 3:24 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Sweet Stuff Mini Line Hip-Hop
281 3:28 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Too Original Junior Group Jazz
282 3:31 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Bowl Of Cherries Mini Line Jazz
283 3:35 PM Centre Dance (AB) Ears Ring Mini Line Contemporary
284 3:39 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Shake The Room Mini Group Jazz
285 3:42 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Eternal Flame Junior Group Specialty
286 3:45 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Bad to the Bone Mini Line Hip-Hop
287 3:48 PM Steppin Out Dance Academy (AN) What's A Girl Gotta Do? Mini Group Specialty
288 3:51 PM Centre Dance (AB) Improv Mini Line Improvisation
289 3:55 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Smallest Light Mini Group Contemporary
290 3:58 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Wanna Be Happy Mini Group Tap
291 4:01 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Heist Nubies Group Hip-Hop
292 4:05 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Young Guns Mini Extended Line Jazz
293 4:09 PM Centre Dance (AB) Jumpin' Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
294 4:13 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Cheap Thrills Junior Line Specialty
295 4:17 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Faith Mini Line Specialty
296 4:21 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Secret Garden Mini Group Contemporary
297 4:25 PM Centre Dance (AB) It's My Party Nubies Group Jazz
298 4:29 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Follow Me Junior Line Tap
299 4:33 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Trolls Nubies Group Specialty
300 4:37 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Gangsta Junior Extended Line Hip-Hop
301 4:41 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Battles Mini Extended Line Contemporary
302 4:45 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Gabriel Junior Group Lyrical
303 4:48 PM Centre Dance (AB) When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground Mini Extended Line Ballet
304 4:52 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Perm Mini Line Jazz
305 4:55 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) I Can Junior Line Hip-Hop
306 4:59 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) I Will Be There Junior Group Lyrical
307 5:02 PM Centre Dance (AB) Come Dance with Me Junior Group Jazz
308 5:05 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Keep Breathing Mini Extended Line Contemporary
309 5:09 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Memories Junior Line Ballet
310 5:13 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Pump Up The Volume Junior Extended Line Tap
311 5:17 PM Centre Dance (AB) Minions Junior Group Hip-Hop
312 5:20 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Life is Awesome Junior Group Contemporary
313 5:23 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Not Alone Junior Line Lyrical
314 5:27 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Lux Junior Group Jazz
315 5:30 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Bionic Mini Extended Line Hip-Hop
316 5:34 PM Centre Dance (AB) Wasting My Young Years Junior Group Contemporary
All Awards #264-316!!
318 6:10 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Beautful Things Teen Line Lyrical
319 6:14 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Falling Short Teen Group Contemporary
320 6:17 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Berlin Teen Group Contemporary
321 6:20 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Game of Survival Teen Group Specialty
322 6:23 PM Centre Dance (AB) If You Want My Love Teen Group Lyrical
323 6:26 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Arachnid Teen Group Contemporary
324 6:29 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Body Love Teen Line Contemporary
325 6:33 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Beautiful Day Teen Line Contemporary
326 6:37 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Maddest Kind Of Love Teen Group Jazz
327 6:40 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Bang Bang Pow Pow Teen Group Hip-Hop
328 6:43 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Jazz... Teen Extended Line Jazz
330 6:50 PM Centre Dance (AB) Faded Love Teen Line Contemporary
331 6:54 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) East Teen Line Lyrical
332 6:58 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) One Woman Army Teen Line Tap
333 7:02 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Fame Teen Group Jazz
334 7:05 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Rescue My Heart Teen Group Lyrical
335 7:09 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) Nobody's Property Teen Group Jazz
336 7:12 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) All We've Lost Teen Group Contemporary
337 7:15 PM Centre Dance (AB) Hang Loose Teen Line Tap
338 7:19 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Son of a Preacher Man Teen Line Jazz
339 7:23 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Warming Teen Line Contemporary
340 7:27 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Hold My Hand Teen Group Tap
341 7:30 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Make It Rain Teen Group Jazz
342 7:33 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Sweet Dreams Teen Line Lyrical
343 7:37 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Mack the Knife Teen Extended Line Tap
344 7:41 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) 33 God Teen Extended Line Contemporary
345 7:45 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) It's Alright Teen Group Lyrical
346 7:48 PM Centre Dance (AB) Hypnosis Teen Line Contemporary
346.a 7:50 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Seven Beauties Teen Group Ballet
347 7:52 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Born to Be Wild Teen Group Jazz
348 7:55 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Both Sides Now Teen Line Lyrical
349 7:59 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Mix It! Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
350 8:03 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) L'Inverno Teen Group Ballet
351 8:06 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Resilience Teen Line Contemporary
352 8:10 PM Centre Dance (AB) Freaks of Nature Teen Extended Line Lyrical
353 8:14 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Nucleus Teen Group Specialty
354 8:17 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Nasty Teen Extended Line Jazz
355 8:21 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Beyond Senior Group Lyrical
356 8:24 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Ghost Of Me Teen Line Lyrical
357 8:28 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Silence in my Blood Teen Line Contemporary
358 8:32 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) Folding Chair Teen Line Specialty
359 8:36 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Summer Teen Line Ballet
360 8:40 PM Centre Dance (AB) Manolo Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
361 8:44 PM Dance Training Center (AD) Revolver Teen Group Jazz
362 8:47 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Next To You Senior Group Contemporary
363 8:50 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) The Sun To Break Teen Line Contemporary
364 8:54 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Panda Teen Line Contemporary
365 8:58 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The Good and the Bad Teen Line Contemporary
366 9:02 PM Centre Dance (AB) Outrageous Teen Extended Line Jazz
367 9:06 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Brother Teen Group Contemporary
368 9:09 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Is There a Higher Love? Senior Line Lyrical
369 9:13 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) All We Got Senior Line Hip-Hop
370 9:17 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) When She Went Away Teen Group Lyrical
371 9:20 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) After Hours Senior Group Hip-Hop
372 9:23 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) This is Where I Leave You Teen Line Specialty
373 9:27 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Linear Circles Senior Line Ballet
374 9:31 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Black Lake Senior Group Specialty
375 9:34 PM Centre Dance (AB) Paris Teen Extended Line Specialty
376 9:38 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) We Are Obliged Teen Group Contemporary
377 9:42 PM Ludovici Dance Academy (AK) The Moment is Now Teen Group Lyrical
378 9:45 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) You Don't Own Me Teen Line Contemporary
379 9:49 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Look at Me Senior Line Jazz
380 9:53 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Chambermaid Swing Senior Group Jazz
381 9:56 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Keyz Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
382 10:00 PM Centre Dance (AB) No Sleep Till Brooklyn Teen Production Specialty
383 10:05 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) All is Full of Love Teen Line Contemporary
384 10:09 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Finesse Senior Production Hip-Hop
385 10:14 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Rise Senior Line Contemporary
386 10:18 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Teen Line Contemporary
387 10:25 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) Grey Senior Group Lyrical
388 10:28 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) Wolves Teen Line Contemporary
389 10:32 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Collateral Beauty Teen Line Contemporary
390 10:36 PM Centre Dance (AB) Sinkin' Soon Senior Group Jazz
391 10:39 PM Dance Training Center (AD) The Rose Teen Group Contemporary
392 10:42 PM Spezio's Dance Dynamics (AM) Take Me Out Senior Line Tap
393 10:46 PM Dance Spectrum (AC) River Deep, Mountain High Teen Production Specialty
394 10:51 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) The What Ifs and Should Haves Teen Group Contemporary
395 10:55 PM Centre Dance (AB) Take It All Senior Group Lyrical
396 10:58 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) Ki Te Mu Teen Line Jazz
397 11:02 PM Studio 19 Dance Company (AO) 24k Magic Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
398 11:06 PM Joanne Chapman School of Dance (AH) She Teen Extended Line Contemporary
399 11:10 PM Performing Dance Arts (AL) Way Down We Go Teen Extended Line Specialty
400 11:14 PM Elite Danceworx (AF) Pressure Teen Extended Line Contemporary
401 11:18 PM Centre Dance (AB) The Gardener Senior Group Contemporary
402 11:21 PM LIV Travel Dance Team (AI) White Blood Teen Line Lyrical
403 11:25 PM The Future Dance Center (AP) Winning Senior Production Specialty
All Awards #318-403!!