Kansas City Competition Schedule

Kansas City Info
Friday May 5th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
1 7:00 AM DXP (AF) ABC (Kendra Wilcox) Nubies Solo Jazz
2 7:03 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Hot Stuff (Gabrielle Schneider) Nubies Solo Jazz
3 7:06 AM Dance Vision (AE) True Colors (Kacey Smith) Nubies Solo Lyrical
4 7:09 AM Premier Dance Company (AO) This is My Dancefloor (Riley Ragsdale) Nubies Solo Hip-Hop
5 7:12 AM DXP (AF) Whole New World (Abrielle Atkinson) Nubies Solo Lyrical
6 7:15 AM Studio J (AX) Fear (Lexi Hill) Mini Solo Contemporary
7 7:18 AM Quantum Force Dance Company (BW) B.E.A.T. (Addisyn Myers) Mini Solo Jazz
8 7:21 AM Premier Dance Company (AO) Improvisation (Karys Harvey) Mini Solo Improvisation
9 7:24 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Pink Cadillac (Olivia Warfield) Mini Solo Jazz
10 7:27 AM Club Dance Studio (AC) Breathe (Jonah Benyamin) Mini Solo Contemporary
11 7:30 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) One Thousand and One Comets (Calico Reyes) Mini Solo Contemporary
12 7:33 AM DXP (AF) Poker Face (Peytin Ellison) Mini Solo Jazz
13 7:36 AM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Diablo (Ankita Kapoor) Mini Solo Tap
14 7:39 AM Studio J (AX) Handmade (Zoey Hayden) Mini Solo Contemporary
15 7:42 AM Club Dance Studio (BL) Won't ya Come (Kyla Robinson) Mini Solo Contemporary
16 7:45 AM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Dragonfly Keeper (Abby Jones) Mini Solo Ballet
17 7:48 AM Dance Productions Unlimited (BO) Miss Brown to You (Gabriella Kennedy) Mini Solo Tap
18 7:51 AM Stars Competition Team (AV) Le Jazz Hot (Madison Dixon) Mini Solo Musical Theatre
19 7:54 AM Club Dance Studio (BK) Blue Birds (Isabella Lynch) Mini Solo Lyrical
20 7:57 AM Quantum Force Dance Company (BW) Confident (Briar Wallen) Mini Solo Jazz
21 8:00 AM Premier Dance Company (AO) I'm In Love with a Monster (Katie Geiss) Mini Solo Jazz
22 8:03 AM Studio J (AX) Haunting (Aysia Bates) Mini Solo Contemporary
23 8:06 AM Signature Dance Academy (BZ) I Started a Joke (Addison Middleton) Mini Solo Contemporary
24 8:09 AM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) Franz Variation from Coppelia (Uzay Hasanusta) Mini Solo Ballet
25 8:12 AM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Bop til You Drop (Ella Jane Sims ) Mini Solo Jazz
26 8:15 AM Dance Vision (AE) Watch Me Do (Miranda Mumm) Mini Solo Jazz
27 8:18 AM Club Dance Studio (BJ) Flight (Grace McKinley) Mini Solo Contemporary
28 8:21 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Something In The Water (Hannah Lee) Mini Solo Lyrical
29 8:24 AM DXP (AF) Yesterday (Karissa Young) Mini Solo Lyrical
30 8:27 AM Studio J (AX) Persist (Sydney Fox) Mini Solo Contemporary
31 8:30 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) This Is Me (Isabella Diguillio) Mini Solo Lyrical
32 8:33 AM Club Dance Studio (AC) Trust (Olivia Benyamin) Mini Solo Contemporary
33 8:36 AM Quantum Force Dance Company (BW) I Try (Sophia Kirar) Mini Solo Lyrical
34 8:39 AM Premier Dance Company (AO) No Business Like Show Business (Brenae Burton) Mini Solo Tap
35 8:42 AM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Hot Like Wow (Mackenzi Holden) Mini Solo Jazz
36 8:45 AM Dance Productions Unlimited (BO) Tag Your It (Chloe Reese) Mini Solo Contemporary
37 8:48 AM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Invisible (Emma Jones) Mini Solo Lyrical
38 8:51 AM Studio J (AX) Slow Spines (Kayla King) Mini Solo Contemporary
39 8:54 AM The Vision Dance Center (CE) Until We Go Down (Maizie Bailey) Mini Solo Contemporary
40 8:57 AM Leigh's School of Dance (AL) Somewhere Only We Know (Addilyn Bullock) Mini Solo Contemporary
41 9:00 AM Sunflower State Dance (AY) Curbside Prophet (Morgan Bregel) Mini Solo Jazz
42 9:03 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Be Still (Carlie Richison) Junior Solo Contemporary
43 9:06 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Next To Me (McKenna Strahan) Junior Solo Contemporary
44 9:09 AM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Bird in the Thyme (Sophia Corrado) Junior Solo Contemporary
45 9:12 AM Stars Competition Team (AV) Breathe (Hannah Webb) Junior Solo Contemporary
46 9:15 AM Dance Vision (AE) Ain't Your Mama (Megan Reinhardt) Junior Solo Jazz
49 9:24 AM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) I Will Follow You (Kianna Harrell) Junior Solo Contemporary
51 9:30 AM Studio J (AX) Gospel (Aya Cassaday) Junior Solo Lyrical
52 9:33 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Grand Piano (Ellie Griffin) Junior Solo Contemporary
53 9:36 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Sort Of (Morgan Graham) Junior Solo Lyrical
54 9:39 AM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) A Prince (Alexis Holden) Junior Solo Contemporary
55 9:42 AM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Variation From Don Quixote (Samuel Fine) Junior Solo Ballet
56 9:45 AM Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance (AQ) Falling (August Green) Junior Solo Contemporary
57 9:48 AM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Don't Rain On My Parade (Delaney Batterson) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
58 9:51 AM Starstruck Performing Arts Center (CB) To Be Determined (Lily Thelen) Junior Solo Lyrical
59 9:54 AM Next Step Dance Studio (BT) Adore (Danielle Roberts) Junior Solo Lyrical
60 9:57 AM Westside Dance Academy (CG) Incomplete (Ella Mead) Junior Solo Contemporary
61 10:00 AM Stars Competition Team (AV) Hold Me Down (Kristen Conrad) Junior Solo Contemporary
62 10:03 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Heartbreak Melody (Addison Craig) Junior Solo Hip-Hop
63 10:06 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) If I Could Turn Back Time (Isabella Rocco) Junior Solo Lyrical
64 10:09 AM Dance Vision (AE) All We Do Is (Piper Koch) Junior Solo Contemporary
65 10:12 AM Starstruck Performing Arts Center (AW) Mama Yo (Trinity Baker) Junior Solo Jazz
66 10:15 AM Sunflower State Dance (AY) Lost Boy (Tristen Bogart) Junior Solo Lyrical
67 10:18 AM Releve' Dance Academy (AS) Experience (Carly Hughes) Junior Solo Lyrical
68 10:21 AM 407 Dance Company (AA) What About Angels (Ashlea Cantrell) Junior Solo Lyrical
70 10:27 AM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Go, Leave (Mirenda Gilmore) Junior Solo Contemporary
70.a 10:28 AM Releve' (AR) Why'd You Leave Me (Kaitlyn Mack) Junior Solo Contemporary
71 10:30 AM Dance Branson (BN) Pulled (Cydney Heard) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
72 10:33 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) One Thing (Delaney Smith) Junior Solo Contemporary
73 10:36 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Leaves (Aubrey Miller) Junior Solo Contemporary
74 10:39 AM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Mama YO! (Claire Crowley) Junior Solo Jazz
75 10:42 AM Club Dance (BI) Disclose (Anthony Curley) Junior Solo Contemporary
76 10:45 AM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) Pulling a Thread (Jordan Dawson) Junior Solo Contemporary
77 10:48 AM Stars Competition Team (AV) Raven (Mackenzie Marsala) Junior Solo Contemporary
78 10:51 AM Academy of Fine Arts (BA) Bubbly (Emily Dampier) Junior Solo Lyrical
79 10:54 AM Private Collection (BV) Lullaby (Alexandra Rademacher) Junior Solo Contemporary
80 10:57 AM Dance Vision (AE) It Don't Mean a Thing (Cadence Sires) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
81 11:00 AM CC and Company (BH) Awakening (Jessica Nagel) Junior Solo Contemporary
82 11:03 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Proud Mary (Hannah Lobik) Junior Solo Jazz
83 11:06 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Must Have Been Love (Annie Winterbottom) Junior Solo Lyrical
84 11:09 AM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Hard Time (Brianna Keingatti) Junior Solo Specialty
86 11:15 AM Studio J (AX) When the Night Comes (Abigail LaFerney) Junior Solo Lyrical
87 11:18 AM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Mean What I Mean (Delanee Breuer) Junior Solo Jazz
88 11:21 AM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Fear (McKenzie Sorber) Junior Solo Lyrical
89 11:24 AM Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance (AQ) You are a Memory (Ella Thowe) Junior Solo Contemporary
90 11:27 AM Michelle's School of Dance (BS) Dust to Dust (Brooke Pliler) Junior Solo Lyrical
92 11:33 AM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Raise The Roof (Sidney Hoyt) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
93 11:36 AM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) You (Heather Thomas) Junior Solo Contemporary
94 11:39 AM Stars Competition Team (AV) The Last Laugh (Saverio Tedesco) Junior Solo Contemporary
95 11:42 AM Dance Branson (BN) Smooth Criminal (Emma Spurling) Junior Solo Tap
96 11:45 AM Dance Vision (AE) It's A Small World (Kiersten Campbell) Junior Solo Tap
97 11:48 AM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) I Remember Her (Kate Echelmeier) Junior Solo Lyrical
98 11:51 AM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Shaboom (Alivia Sharp) Junior Solo Jazz
99 11:54 AM PRESTIGE (AP) Hold On (Brianna Haith) Junior Solo Contemporary
100 11:57 AM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Go All Night (Kellah Calaway) Junior Solo Jazz
101 12:00 PM Leigh's School of Dance (AL) Stuff Like That There (Rylee Devorak) Junior Solo Musical Theatre
102 12:03 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) You Make Me Wanna (Abby Chesnutt) Junior Solo Jazz
103 12:06 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Eclipse (Ella Duncan) Junior Solo Lyrical
104 12:09 PM Starstruck Performing Arts Center (CA) Halo (Kennedy Fenley) Junior Solo Lyrical
All Awards #1-104!!
105 12:22 PM Dance Vision (AE) And So It Is (Ingrid Skoog) Teen Solo Lyrical
106 12:25 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Don't Let Me Be Gone (Taylor Hoyt) Teen Solo Contemporary
107 12:28 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Dead Hearts (Jessica Colella) Teen Solo Contemporary
108 12:31 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) A Change Is Gonna Come (Caroline Barker) Teen Solo Contemporary
109 12:34 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Brightest Diamond (Jillian Bernabe) Teen Solo Contemporary
110 12:37 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Between Strange and Faimiliar (Annie Crouch) Teen Solo Contemporary
111 12:40 PM Studio J (AX) Build a Home (Addison Woodward) Teen Solo Contemporary
112 12:43 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Accretion (Abigail Conrad) Teen Solo Contemporary
113 12:46 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Castle (Shelby Cook) Teen Solo Contemporary
114 12:49 PM Dance Vision (AE) Arrival (Rachel Van Meter) Teen Solo Jazz
115 12:52 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Numbers (Mackenzie Baumert) Teen Solo Contemporary
116 12:55 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Into the Ocean (Sammy Johnson) Teen Solo Specialty
117 12:58 PM Academy of Fine Arts (BB) Beating Heart (Ella Simmons) Teen Solo Lyrical
118 1:01 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Fire Under My Feet (Riley Ducharme) Teen Solo Specialty
119 1:04 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Frail Love (Havah Oswald) Teen Solo Lyrical
120 1:07 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Alive (Paige Lanoue) Teen Solo Contemporary
121 1:10 PM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) Lost and Found (Emma Hasanusta) Teen Solo Contemporary
122 1:13 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Broken Crown (Taylor Fine) Teen Solo Contemporary
123 1:16 PM Dance Vision (AE) Daydreaming (Madi Van Meter) Teen Solo Contemporary
124 1:19 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Fear (Daphnee Brown) Teen Solo Contemporary
125 1:22 PM The Vision Dance Center (CE) Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Shelby Casenhiser) Teen Solo Contemporary
126 1:25 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Distortion (Hanna Louth) Teen Solo Jazz
127 1:28 PM Private Collection (BV) Dream of Sheep (Greta Rhoads) Teen Solo Lyrical
128 1:31 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Under Her Skin (Rivers Schwenn ) Teen Solo Contemporary
129 1:34 PM Club Dance Studio (AC) TBD (Sophia Benyamin) Teen Solo Contemporary
130 1:37 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) For Pax (Sydnie Peters) Teen Solo Lyrical
130.a 1:38 PM Academy of Fine Arts (BB) My Love (Grayson Barnes) Teen Solo Lyrical
131 1:40 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Isaac (Carsyn Whisenant) Teen Solo Contemporary
132 1:43 PM Dance Vision (AE) Here I Come (Sarah Linder) Teen Solo Jazz
133 1:46 PM The Pulse Performing Arts Center (CD) Expectations (Reina Gray) Teen Solo Contemporary
134 1:49 PM Releve' Dance Academy (AS) Unsettled (Makenna Oster) Teen Solo Contemporary
135 1:52 PM Studio J (AX) Gave You All (Jada Paris) Teen Solo Contemporary
136 1:55 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Cavalier (Ava Grace Vermillion) Teen Solo Contemporary
137 1:58 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) All I Want (Ally Gehman) Teen Solo Lyrical
138 2:01 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Hair (Kayla Ferguson) Teen Solo Tap
139 2:04 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Father (Bailey McChristian) Teen Solo Lyrical
140 2:07 PM Stars Competition Team (AV) Station (Elisha Lamm) Teen Solo Lyrical
140.a 2:08 PM Academy of Fine Arts (BB) Salute (Hanna Hulshof) Teen Solo Tap
141 2:10 PM Dance Vision (AE) How Deep Is Your Love (Alexis Smith) Teen Solo Lyrical
142 2:13 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) It's A Man's World (Brie-Ann Hardrick) Teen Solo Jazz
143 2:16 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Reain (Delaney Eminger) Teen Solo Contemporary
144 2:19 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Give Me Love (Bailey Brown ) Teen Solo Contemporary
145 2:22 PM Dance Branson (BN) Desolation (Brooke Cox) Teen Solo Contemporary
146 2:25 PM Sunflower State Dance (AY) New Shoes (Allison Gladfelder) Teen Solo Tap
147 2:28 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Open Arms (Emili Elkins) Teen Solo Lyrical
148 2:31 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Lately (Adalyn Burton) Teen Solo Jazz
149 2:34 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Neverland (Megan Meyer) Teen Solo Contemporary
150 2:37 PM Dance Vision (AE) Me Too (Hannah Clark) Teen Solo Jazz
150.a 2:38 PM West Side Dance Academy (AZ) Woman in black (McKenzie Nguyen) Teen Solo Contemporary
151 2:40 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Evening Ceremony (Olivia Mills) Teen Solo Contemporary
152 2:43 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Holy Place (Sarah Bietsch) Teen Solo Lyrical
153 2:46 PM Club Dance Studio (BL) Ttransformations (Jazlyn Robinson) Teen Solo Contemporary
154 2:49 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Sister (Neelie Hight) Teen Solo Contemporary
155 2:52 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Skin (Nina Rende) Teen Solo Contemporary
156 2:55 PM International Conservatory of Performing Arts (BQ) Seven Birds (Chloe McDonald) Teen Solo Contemporary
157 2:58 PM Becky Nalevanko's Dance and Tumbling Studio (BF) TBA (Sky Mottet) Teen Solo Contemporary
158 3:01 PM Omaha Academy of Ballet (BU) Trapped (Emma Olson) Teen Solo Contemporary
159 3:04 PM Dance Vision (AE) Perfect (Tatum Koch) Teen Solo Lyrical
160 3:07 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Gone (Sarah Fuendeling) Teen Solo Lyrical
160.a 3:08 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Until We Go Down (Paige Totzke) Teen Solo Contemporary
161 3:10 PM Studio J (AX) Happiness Doesn't Wait (Paige Johnson) Teen Solo Contemporary
162 3:13 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Empty (Kyra Mandrigues) Teen Solo Lyrical
163 3:16 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Smother (Kaylea Cantrell) Teen Solo Contemporary
164 3:19 PM School of Classical Ballet And Dance (BY) I Lived Here (Claire Davison) Teen Solo Contemporary
165 3:22 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Feeling Good (Elle Thomas) Teen Solo Jazz
166 3:25 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) So Cold (Cydney Nelson) Teen Solo Contemporary
167 3:28 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) La Priere (Taylor Green) Teen Solo Lyrical
168 3:31 PM Dance Vision (AE) Reprieve (Jaidyn Lenz) Teen Solo Contemporary
169 3:34 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) I Will Follow You (Grace Brown) Teen Solo Specialty
170 3:37 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Islands (Hannah Carey) Teen Solo Contemporary
171 3:40 PM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) Shindler's List (Ireland Terrill) Teen Solo Contemporary
172 3:43 PM High Pointe Performing Arts Studio (AH) Below My Feet (Mary Jane McConnell) Teen Solo Contemporary
173 3:46 PM The Vision Dance Center (CE) Hide and Seek (Magnolia Bailey) Teen Solo Contemporary
174 3:49 PM Applause Studios (BD) TBA (Izzy Burton) Teen Solo Contemporary
175 3:52 PM Private Collection (BV) Once Human (Avery Markowski) Teen Solo Contemporary
176 3:55 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Like Real People Do (Kathryn Tucker) Teen Solo Contemporary
177 3:58 PM Dance Vision (AE) Rise (London Orosco) Teen Solo Contemporary
178 4:01 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Take My Hand (Anna Grace Lastovica) Teen Solo Jazz
179 4:04 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Woman (Courtney Raupach) Teen Solo Contemporary
180 4:07 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Run (Chloe Shaw) Teen Solo Lyrical
181 4:10 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Tomorrow (Rhagan Carter) Teen Solo Contemporary
182 4:13 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) The Little Things (Payton Flynt) Teen Solo Specialty
183 4:16 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) This Time It's Real (David Keingatti) Teen Solo Tap
184 4:19 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Words (Mikayla Hanner) Teen Solo Lyrical
185 4:22 PM Studio J (AX) Lonely (Bailey Trautman) Teen Solo Contemporary
186 4:25 PM Dance Vision (AE) Stand in the Light (Karsen Mumm) Teen Solo Lyrical
187 4:28 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) The Diamond (Ashlynn Esgro) Teen Solo Contemporary
188 4:31 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Teach Me How To Be Loved (Sarah Barksdale) Teen Solo Lyrical
189 4:34 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Witching Hour (Katelynne Schulze) Teen Solo Contemporary
190 4:37 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) U Remind Me (Lennon Richison) Teen Solo Hip-Hop
191 4:40 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) The Girl That Couldn't Fly (Isabella Ghahtani) Teen Solo Contemporary
192 4:43 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Stand In The Light (Kimber Harlan) Teen Solo Lyrical
193 4:46 PM Capital City Dance Center (BG) TBD (Cali Wilson) Teen Solo Contemporary
194 4:49 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Only Fault (Brooklyn Campbell) Teen Solo Contemporary
195 4:52 PM Dance Vision (AE) Improv (Drew Mumm) Teen Solo Improvisation
196 4:55 PM American Dance Center (BC) Embracing Memories (Amanda Young) Teen Solo Contemporary
197 4:58 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) You Should Know (Skye Smith) Teen Solo Lyrical
198 5:01 PM Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance (AQ) Always on My Mind (Sam Amey) Teen Solo Contemporary
199 5:04 PM Leigh's School of Dance (AL) Freedom (Madalyne Kevins) Teen Solo Contemporary
All Awards #105-199!!
200 5:17 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Woman Up Nubies Duo/Trio Jazz
201 5:20 PM Studio J (AX) In Spite of All: We Hope Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
202 5:23 PM DXP (AF) Any Day Now Mini Duo/Trio Lyrical
203 5:26 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Roll Jordan Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
204 5:29 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Count on Me Mini Duo/Trio Tap
205 5:32 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Wannabe Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
206 5:35 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) The Walker Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
207 5:38 PM Studio J (AX) Near Light Mini Duo/Trio Contemporary
208 5:41 PM DXP (AF) Black Cat Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
209 5:44 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Two of Hearts Mini Duo/Trio Jazz
210 5:47 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Sisters Mini Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
211 5:50 PM Dance Vision (AE) Hot As Ice Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
212 5:53 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Drop Dead Beautiful Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
213 5:56 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Angel Standing By Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical
214 5:59 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Lean On Junior Duo/Trio Tap
215 6:02 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Fawn Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
216 6:05 PM Dance Branson (BN) Perception Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
217 6:08 PM Dance Vision (AE) I'm In Here Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
218 6:11 PM Stars Competition Team (AV) Dangerous Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
219 6:14 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) It's About That Walk Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
221 6:20 PM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) Found Junior Duo/Trio Contemporary
222 6:23 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) One Time Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
223 6:26 PM Dance Vision (AE) Labels or Love Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
224 6:29 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Neutron Dance Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
225 6:32 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Puttin On The Ritz Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
226 6:35 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Terrible Things Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
227 6:38 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) River Junior Duo/Trio Specialty
228 6:41 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Dawn Junior Duo/Trio Ballet
229 6:44 PM Dance Vision (AE) Masterpiece Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
230 6:47 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Gravel Junior Duo/Trio Jazz
230.a 6:48 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Don't Forget Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
231 6:50 PM Dance Vision (AE) Birth Order Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
232 6:53 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Bust Your Windows Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
233 6:56 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Cut The Ties Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
235 7:02 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Get Me Bodied Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
236 7:05 PM Private Collection (BV) Can't Do It Alone Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
237 7:08 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Do the right thing Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
238 7:11 PM Dance Vision (AE) I Lived Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
239 7:14 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Ribcage Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
240 7:17 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Cry To Me Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
241 7:20 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Counting What If's Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
242 7:23 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Figure 8 Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
243 7:26 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Addicted To You Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
244 7:29 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Fun Teen Duo/Trio Lyrical
245 7:32 PM Dance Vision (AE) Jungle Bae Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
246 7:35 PM Perception Dance Company (AN) Brakes On Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
247 7:38 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Retrograde Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
248 7:41 PM Priscilla and Dana's School of Dance (AQ) Summertime Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
249 7:44 PM The Vision Dance Center (CE) Bad Dream Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
250 7:47 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Papi Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
251 7:50 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Polly Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
252 7:53 PM Dance Vision (AE) Kitchen Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
253 7:56 PM Private Collection (BV) Say Yes Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
254 7:59 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Sideways Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
255 8:02 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Welcome To Havana Teen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
256 8:05 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Sibling Rivalry Teen Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
258 8:11 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Wasting My Younger Years Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
259 8:14 PM Dance Vision (AE) Station Teen Duo/Trio Contemporary
260 8:17 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Strike It Up Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
261 8:20 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) High And Mighty Teen Duo/Trio Jazz
262 8:23 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) The Chase Teen Duo/Trio Specialty
All Awards #200-262!!
263 8:36 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Cnidaria (Reagan Allen) Senior Solo Contemporary
264 8:39 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Dream in Blue (Brooke Wentz) Senior Solo Contemporary
265 8:42 PM Dance Vision (AE) Do You Mind (Mary Grace Henderson) Senior Solo Contemporary
266 8:45 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Intuition (Grace Channell) Senior Solo Contemporary
267 8:48 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Smile (Kaylin Maggard) Senior Solo Lyrical
268 8:51 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Don't Forget About Me (Jasmine Clancy) Senior Solo Contemporary
269 8:54 PM Studio J (AX) Never Enough (Tyler Nyquist) Senior Solo Contemporary
270 8:57 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Lung (Emily Matlock) Senior Solo Contemporary
271 9:00 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Blue (Elizabeth Lage) Senior Solo Specialty
272 9:03 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) I Gotcha (Madison Jensen) Senior Solo Musical Theatre
273 9:06 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Hotline Dab (Alex Hernandez) Senior Solo Hip-Hop
274 9:09 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Dorian (Savannah Kautz) Senior Solo Lyrical
275 9:12 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) First Image (Hunter Forthaus) Senior Solo Specialty
276 9:15 PM Dance Vision (AE) Garden (Maci Long) Senior Solo Contemporary
277 9:18 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Missed (Dakota Breuer) Senior Solo Lyrical
278 9:21 PM Artistic Fusion Dance Acadamy (BE) TBA (Tim Blankenship) Senior Solo Contemporary
279 9:24 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Something New (Alyvia Mae Swearingen) Senior Solo Tap
280 9:27 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Limit to Your Love (Lauren Sloss) Senior Solo Contemporary
281 9:30 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) How Did I Forget (Ansley Miller) Senior Solo Contemporary
282 9:33 PM Dance Arts Centre (BM) Don't Forget About Me (Aubrey Clark) Senior Solo Contemporary
283 9:36 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) 22(over soon) (Olivia Spaedy) Senior Solo Contemporary
284 9:39 PM Kari's Dance Academy (BR) Another One Bites the Dust (Harlee Higgins) Senior Solo Jazz
285 9:42 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) How Big How Blue How Beautiful (Madi Crowley) Senior Solo Contemporary
286 9:45 PM Dance Vision (AE) Take Off (Brody Pietz) Senior Solo Contemporary
287 9:48 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Improv (Anna Kate Sundvold) Senior Solo Specialty
288 9:51 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Photograph (Madison May) Senior Solo Tap
289 9:54 PM School of Classical Ballet (BX) Falling Short (Carley Wyble) Senior Solo Specialty
290 9:57 PM School of Classical Ballet and Dance (AT) The Wisp Sings (Anna Kazwell) Senior Solo Contemporary
291 10:00 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Cherbourg (Gracie Head) Senior Solo Contemporary
292 10:03 PM Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio (CF) Rings (Ellie Sharpe) Senior Solo Contemporary
293 10:06 PM DanceSpace Performing Arts Academy (BP) Location (Travis Fry) Senior Solo Contemporary
294 10:09 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) The Two Great Lights (Kristen DesLaurier) Senior Solo Contemporary
295 10:12 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) I Lie Senior Duo/Trio Lyrical
296 10:15 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Run (Dahlia Cain) Senior Solo Lyrical
297 10:18 PM Dance Vision (AE) June Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
298 10:21 PM Studio J (AX) TBD (Lydia Arduser) Senior Solo Contemporary
299 10:24 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) I Wake Up Screaming Senior Duo/Trio Musical Theatre
300 10:27 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Wide Awake (Dyllan Bill) Senior Solo Hip-Hop
301 10:30 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) If I Ain't Got You (Caitlin Taylor) Senior Solo Lyrical
302 10:33 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Lilac Wine Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
303 10:36 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) The Days (Marissa Kinn) Senior Solo Contemporary
304 10:39 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Grief Point (Mikayla Hackett) Senior Solo Contemporary
305 10:42 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Piece by Piece (Lena Martin) Senior Solo Contemporary
306 10:45 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Timelines Senior Duo/Trio Specialty
307 10:48 PM Dance Vision (AE) Too Good Senior Duo/Trio Hip-Hop
308 10:51 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) In Winter Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
309 10:54 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Shrine Tooth Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
310 10:57 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Launch Senior Duo/Trio Contemporary
311 11:00 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Zitarossa Senior Duo/Trio Jazz
312 11:03 PM Steps Dance Complex (CC) Night of Broken Glass (Scarlett Moore) Open Solo Contemporary
All Awards #263-312!!
Saturday May 6th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
313 3:00 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Drowning Mini Group Specialty
314 3:03 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) The Girl Group Mini Group Jazz
315 3:06 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) The Secret Plot Mini Group Contemporary
316 3:09 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Hold Back The River Junior Group Contemporary
317 3:12 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Saturday Mini Group Jazz
318 3:15 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Lost it All Mini Group Lyrical
319 3:18 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Assemble Nubies Line Jazz
320 3:21 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Let It Shine Mini Line Tap
321 3:24 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Haunt Mini Group Contemporary
322 3:28 PM Studio J (AX) Caribbean Blue Mini Group Lyrical
323 3:31 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Sweet Dreams Mini Group Jazz
324 3:34 PM Dance Vision (AE) City Lights Junior Group Lyrical
325 3:37 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Hot Box Chickies Nubies Group Tap
326 3:40 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Sesame Street Mini Extended Line Jazz
327 3:44 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Drop It Low Mini Group Jazz
328 3:47 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Hourglass Mini Group Contemporary
329 3:50 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Octet Junior Group Ballet
330 3:53 PM Studio J (AX) Ave Maria Mini Group Lyrical
331 3:56 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) All That Jazz Junior Group Musical Theatre
332 3:59 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Spring Awakening Mini Extended Line Ballet
333 4:03 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) That Man Mini Group Jazz
334 4:06 PM Spotlight Dance Academy (AU) Work the Runway Junior Group Jazz
335 4:09 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Warrior Mini Group Jazz
336 4:12 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Cello Wars Junior Group Ballet
337 4:15 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Hand Clap Mini Line Tap
338 4:18 PM Sunflower State Dance (AY) Put Your Records On Mini Group Jazz
339 4:21 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Good Vibrations Junior Group Tap
340 4:24 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Viva La Vida Junior Group Lyrical
341 4:27 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) All Points Junior Group Contemporary
342 4:30 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Diamonds Junior Group Contemporary
343 4:33 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) In Your Eyes Junior Group Ballet
344 4:36 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Don't Worry About Me Junior Group Contemporary
345 4:39 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Bang to the Beat Junior Group Tap
346 4:42 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Give Me Love Junior Group Specialty
347 4:45 PM Stars Competition Team (AV) MiXdemeanor Junior Group Hip-Hop
348 4:48 PM Dance Vision (AE) New World Coming Junior Line Contemporary
349 4:51 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) New York Junior Group Contemporary
350 4:54 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Bougie Junior Group Jazz
351 4:57 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Matador Junior Group Jazz
352 5:00 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Walking Junior Group Contemporary
353 5:03 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Choreography Junior Group Musical Theatre
354 5:06 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Every Little Thing Junior Group Contemporary
355 5:09 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Stand By Me Junior Group Tap
356 5:12 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) The Joker Junior Group Hip-Hop
357 5:15 PM Stars Competition Team (AV) Gold Junior Group Jazz
358 5:18 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Will You Be There Junior Group Lyrical
359 5:21 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Cold Water Junior Line Contemporary
360 5:25 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) You are Mine Junior Group Lyrical
361 5:28 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Money Junior Group Jazz
362 5:31 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) A-Squad Junior Line Hip-Hop
363 5:34 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Divas Junior Line Tap
364 5:37 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Dr. Bones Junior Group Tap
365 5:40 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Phantom of the Opera Junior Line Musical Theatre
366 5:43 PM Iowa Ballet Academy (AJ) Grace Junior Group Lyrical
367 5:46 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Do You Get It? Junior Line Specialty
368 5:49 PM Stars Competition Team (AV) Mokingjay Junior Group Contemporary
369 5:52 PM Premier Dance Company (AO) Straight Outta Wonderland Junior Line Hip-Hop
370 5:56 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) This Gift Junior Line Lyrical
371 5:59 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Y.A.L.A Junior Line Jazz
372 6:02 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Tambourine Junior Group Tap
373 6:05 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Girls Junior Line Jazz
374 6:08 PM Dance Vision (AE) Respect Junior Line Jazz
375 6:11 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Congratulations Junior Extended Line Lyrical
376 6:15 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Runway Junior Extended Line Jazz
377 6:19 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Long Road Junior Group Tap
378 6:22 PM Studio J (AX) Uptown Girl Junior Line Jazz
379 6:25 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Running Junior Production Specialty
All Awards #313-379!!
380 7:00 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Emergency Teen Group Contemporary
381 7:03 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) All I Want Teen Group Contemporary
382 7:06 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Controlla Teen Line Tap
383 7:09 PM Dance Vision (AE) I Want It All Teen Group Jazz
384 7:12 PM Studio J (AX) Desperate Housewives Teen Group Contemporary
385 7:15 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Banshee Teen Group Jazz
386 7:18 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Gotta Get Thru This Teen Group Tap
387 7:21 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Battle Of Love Teen Group Contemporary
388 7:24 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Bound Teen Group Contemporary
389 7:27 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Burning House Teen Group Contemporary
390 7:30 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Lighthouse Teen Line Contemporary
391 7:33 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Fragile Teen Group Contemporary
392 7:36 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) My Darkest Time Teen Group Lyrical
393 7:39 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Cling To You Teen Group Contemporary
394 7:43 PM Dance Vision (AE) Poker Face Teen Group Contemporary
395 7:46 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Alive Teen Group Specialty
396 7:49 PM Studio J (AX) Matters of the Heart Teen Group Lyrical
398 7:55 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Waltzing in Vienna Teen Group Ballet
399 7:58 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Coming Home Teen Group Lyrical
400 8:01 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Weight of Gold Teen Line Specialty
401 8:05 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Before My Time Teen Group Lyrical
402 8:08 PM Dance Vision (AE) Bohemian Rhapsody Teen Line Contemporary
403 8:11 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Conga Fury Teen Extended Line Specialty
404 8:15 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Countdown Teen Group Jazz
405 8:18 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Kiss Kiss Teen Group Jazz
406 8:21 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Run Teen Group Jazz
407 8:24 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Buban Senior Group Specialty
408 8:27 PM Studio J (AX) No One Teen Group Jazz
409 8:30 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) YoMTV Raps Teen Extended Line Hip-Hop
410 8:34 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Head Up High Teen Group Jazz
411 8:37 PM Dance Vision (AE) Can't Touch Me Now Teen Line Hip-Hop
412 8:40 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Got It Teen Group Jazz
413 8:43 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Mmmmm Bop Senior Group Tap
414 8:46 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Victory For The Sullen Teen Group Contemporary
415 8:49 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Ready to Lose Senior Group Contemporary
416 8:52 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Rewind Teen Group Jazz
417 8:55 PM Dance Vision (AE) Spectrum Teen Line Jazz
418 8:58 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Biker Babez Senior Group Hip-Hop
419 9:01 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Inside Your Heaven Teen Line Lyrical
420 9:04 PM Studio J (AX) IMPRINT Teen Line Hip-Hop
421 9:07 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Waiting Teen Line Contemporary
422 9:10 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Cataracts Senior Line Contemporary
423 9:14 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) The Anxious Mind Teen Group Contemporary
424 9:17 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Kaleidoscope Senior Group Specialty
Wednesday December 31st
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
424.a - Dance Vision (AE) Smooth Criminal Teen Extended Line Ballet
Saturday May 6th
# Time Studio Routine Age Division Category Perf. Division
425 9:20 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Work Teen Line Hip-Hop
426 9:23 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) When A Fire Starts To Burn Teen Group Jazz
427 9:28 PM PRESTIGE (AP) Insensitive Teen Group Contemporary
428 9:31 PM Sunflower State Dance (AY) Work Song Teen Group Contemporary
429 9:34 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Joyful Teen Production Tap
430 9:39 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Stay Alive Teen Extended Line Contemporary
431 9:43 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Emerge Senior Line Specialty
432 9:48 PM Studio J (AX) Unquiet Soul Teen Line Contemporary
433 9:51 PM Ignition Dance Academy (AI) Sega Jacquot Teen Group Contemporary
434 9:54 PM Dance Vision (AE) Breathe It Out Senior Group Contemporary
435 9:57 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Please Don't Go Senior Group Contemporary
436 10:00 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Palladio Teen Extended Line Ballet
437 10:04 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) Hopeless Wanderer Teen Extended Line Contemporary
438 10:08 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Can't Touch It Teen Line Jazz
439 10:11 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) Deliverance Senior Extended Line Specialty
440 10:15 PM 407 Dance Company (AA) Hot Sauce In My Bag Teen Group Hip-Hop
441 10:18 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Lay Down Senior Line Lyrical
442 10:21 PM B-Discovered Dance Company (AB) Drove All Night Teen Production Jazz
443 10:26 PM Dance Vision (AE) Get Back Senior Group Jazz
443.a 10:27 PM Sunflower State Dance (AY) Time Teen Group Lyrical
444 10:29 PM Studio J (AX) Stand By Me Teen Extended Line Lyrical
445 10:33 PM Midwest Dance Mechanix (AM) Le Jazz Hot Senior Line Musical Theatre
446 10:36 PM Columbia Performing Arts Centre (AD) My Skin Senior Extended Line Lyrical
447 10:40 PM Dance Vision (AE) Showgirls Teen Extended Line Jazz
448 10:44 PM Kaleidoscope Dance Academy (AK) The Krew Teen Production Hip-Hop
449 10:49 PM Fayetteville Youth Dance Company (AG) Fire Teen Line Tap
450 10:52 PM Leigh's School of Dance (AL) Today I Rise Teen Line Contemporary
All Awards #380-450!!